Thursday, April 21, 2011

Here today............

Up until the early 70s Australia had a seemingly endless supply of cheap, accessible land. Owning your own home,on a quarter acre block was the great Australian dream or, dare I say it,right? The suburbs stretched endlessly out into the boondocks where  little or no infrastructure had been planned. A car was a necessity rather than a luxury. Two breadwinners equaled two cars. With new suburbs now being built over 50km from the city centre, people are understandably having second thoughts about the whole 1/4 acre deal.
We've been passing this little house for over 12 months now on our way to school. It's a sad thought,I know,but it's beginning to make a lot of sense. Four,maybe six households where there used to be one.Still,I hope the sacrifice is worth it and that something beautiful is built to replace this lovely old house.