Friday, June 10, 2011

Colour associations

Lately I've been thinking of how certain manufacturers are able to virtually copyright a particular colour.Think Caterpillar~mustard,John Deere~green/yellow,Bianchi ~aqua,Maersk~ sky blue and now Park Tools deep blue.As soon as I see this rich, cerulean blue in a bike shop,I know I'm in for a treat.

From top to bottom.

Work shop hammer:and I know what you're thinking.Any old ball peen would have done the job,but this is a thing of beauty,eh?I'm not sure when you would ever use this on a bike frame but very handy for cracking driveway concrete.

Tyre levers

Pump.Another piece of American made beauty and functionality. 

 The latest addition to the slow rpm driveway workshop is this beautiful torque wrench (thanks for the tip, BLJ)No more stripped threads and cussing around here.