Monday, July 18, 2011

The old mantra

It's become quite the tired old mantra here at the slow rpm world head quarters.'If I can do it,you can too'.It would be presumptuous and irresponsible of me to write this as a 'how to'.Best I leave that to the experts. Still, it's my second wheel and the first that I feel confident enough to put onto a bike.

The hub is a salvaged Shimano S3 internally geared unit laced with 36 shiny new stainless steel spokes to the original rim. I haven't splurged on a truing stand at this stage;just flipped the bike over and used my thumb and the brake pads. For advice I alternated between 3 excellent texts. 'Zinn and the art of road bike maintenance' by Leonard Zinn,'The bicycle wheel' by  Jobst Brandt and 'wheel theory' by the late Sheldon Brown. The only tool I purchased was a basic spoke wrench.