Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Welcome to Cadel town

The huge turnout made it pretty much impossible to see Cuddles in the flesh, so I was quite happy to stand and watch him on the jumbotron.The only real downer on the happy day was when the PM came on with a pre recorded speech in that ridiculously affected  drawl of hers.The crowd visibly wilted.

But then I saw this man,and all felt right with my world.An old style tram conductor wearing a TAA bag. For those of you not in the know,Melbourne is a city of trams.They used to be manned by conductors.Lovely,helpful,men and women who would sell you a ticket,assist the frail and elderly board the tram and point confused tourists in the right direction. Then,sometime in the mid eighties,the conservative government at the time, sold the system to private enterprise and the conductors were quickly dispatched.It soon became apparent that a tram without a conductor was a free ride.The 'connies were replaced by goons and thugs aka 'ticket inspectors' And TAA? That's Trans Australian Airways,long since sold off to 'Qantas'.