Sunday, September 25, 2011

More beautiful bike shops

My heart sinks whenever I walk through the door of the average 'cyclery'.You know the feeling?Endless rows of carbon fibre racers,hybrid mountain bikes,racks of lycra clothing,awkward cleated shoes etc.So I'm loving this new bread of bike shop that's popping up all over lovetown.  One thing all of these shops have in common is complete respect for the customer. There's no condescending'attitude' if you are a driveway mechanic. Just good ,plain helpful advice and of course,great service.

Commuter Cycles Huw and the guys run a seriously, serious workshop here in downtown Brunswick. I'll cycle across town, through peak hour traffic,in the middle of winter for a visit.A shop that can supply a pair of Phil Wood French rings, off the shelf ,is a shop for me.Gazelle,Surly,Creme and Allegro bicycles are also sold here as are superb custom rebuilds.Check out the mouth watering display of goodies from Velo Orange.Currently helping me out with my 'Nouveau Style,fold up project.

Human Powered Cycles Melbourne's no 1 Gazelle Cabby dealer.Also,Linus,Allegro and Kona cycles

Northside Wheelers The exquisitely restored Malvern Star,followed by a Peugeot 'Nouveau Style' fold up in the window says it all.Check out the stylish Otto and Spike bicycle scarves.

Pedalista Located in Albert Park,just across the road from the beach,home of Kronan bicycles from Sweden and also Bobbin Cycles .

Bakerlite Trading Company Stop here for that Pashley you've always wanted.I'll have a Guvnor thanks!

Abbortsford Cycles Not so much a bike shop as a place for the driveway mechanic to obtain that hard to find gizmo.Also, the largest range of Brooks accoutrement's you're likely to find in Melbourne. The last impulse purchase I made here was a beautiful Gamoh cargo carrier for the Slow Schlepper.

Dutch Cargo Bike Not really a shop at this stage.Emmy and Jurgen  operate from home and import a mouth watering range of cargo bikes,including Bullitt,Bakfiets and Work Cycles.Also e bikes if that's your thing.

PS Bikes Peter Santos,Australian home of Christiania and Pilen Cyles

Papillionaire Beautifully crafted,budget bicycles.More of a cyber shop than an actual shop type shop.If you know what I mean.

  Shifter Bikes is the place when you are ready to order that beautiful, vintage Italian framed two wheeler.Fixie haven.

Saint Cloud ~fixie hipster haven