Thursday, October 6, 2011

Clobber~Helly Hansen

Obsession.I can tell you exactly when it began.Over 30 years ago I sailed on a ship called the Iron Capricorn.She was a modern ship for her time and had been bareboat chartered from a Norwegian shipowner called Christian Jebsen. Everyone on board had been kitted out in this beautiful wet weather gear from a little known, exotically named company called Helly Hansen.Anyway, the years passed, and I never heard of them again. Then,10 years ago,they suddenly became trendy.Very trendy, and expensive,amongst the snow boarding and yachting set.I suspect that Helly Hansen are now in a similar marketing situation to Blundstone/ King Gee.Everyday, ho hum at home,exotic abroad.Any Norwegians out there?

Anyway,it was time for my old grease stained jacket to visit the wheely bin, and thanks to the super strong ozz dollar, I purchased this beautiful, light weight, HH rain jacket.It's very definitely not cycling specific.But it does have zippered vents under the arms and really useful rain proof pockets.It bucketed down all the way home tonight. Verdict. Top half totally dry.(forgot to pack the wp pants) 5 stars.
And the Iron Capricorn? She's razor blades now,ending her life on a beach in Chittagong.Just a faded piece of nostalgia in the minds of a few old sailors.