Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Well,here I am,post number 200.I've been thinking a lot about blogs lately. As Nora Ephron so eloquently put it, a blog is a little like a bubble.One prick and it's gone.I think she has a pretty good point.How many of us get past the first page of a blog we've just discovered,let alone the whole 200 posts? Still ,for a literary tyro like me, a blog is a chance and be 'published',and isn't there a secret little thrill when checking the stats first thing every morning?

Facebook never really did it for me.What is it with all of those 240 friends? I found the whole thing quite creepy, commenting on the comments of friends of friends and spending far too much time reading the walls of people I had long ago lost contact with.Stalking?Call it what you will,but I'm long since gone from there.

Blogging was a much better fit. The chance to create something and crap on, about pretty much nothing with people I have never met from all corners of the globe.People,I might add, whose own blogs,I read from afar,that make me realize how limited my own talents are.I'm always incredibly chuffed when someone comments on a post I've written.The fact that they've taken the time to switch on,log in,troll through the favourites and then send some kind words to soothe my pitiful ego.

And what about etiquette? Well,I'll always take the time to reply to a comment.That's a given,right? Unless of course you're a blogger superstar like Colville Andersen,the velo satorialist.But is it OK to then comment on a reply?or comment on a comment by someone else? What do you reckon? I'm doubly chuffed when someone lists my blog on thier front page.That's pretty cool,eh?

I know we'll never meet,but I do care,even if in some remote way,about my fellow bloggers.I wonder, when they haven't blogged in a while.Have they just lost interest or moved onto something else?Are they OK? I do worry about you,just a little, when you go off the air. So, fellow bloggers.Here's to you, from whatever far flung corner of the webs you come from. Please don't give up.I'll be missing you if you do.