Sunday, February 26, 2012


Sooner or later,all of my bikes end up looking like this.I would like to be able to tell you that they have these French style porteur bars for reasons of'aestheics'.The sad reality though,is that I use them for reasons of'comfort'.Well ,that's what my 53 year old wrists seem to be telling me . These Velo Orange ,Montmartre, bars come from Constructeur,the online division of Commuter Cycles in Brunswick.Upright,comfy,chilled.


BB said...

Another bike site for me to check out! That's several your blog has drawn my attention to now Ian. Not completely helpful with the financial planning.

I like the look of your bars and I certainly know what you mean. I love drops because I can wriggle around on them. When I did try those flat "road bike" bars once I was so surprised to find my wrists were aching after reasonably short rides. I don't have arthritis or joint problems of any kind and I haven't hit 50 yet, but, I couldn't get rid of those flat bars quickly enough!

anniebikes said...

I say whatever works for you. I personally like those. I'm also a fan of mustache bars as they allow me multiple hand positions. It's wonderful that we have these choices.

slow rpm said...

Hi BB.I could probably waffle on about bike geometry for ever. The Bullitt seems to be a real struggle and my main reason for choosing the Montmartre bars was to avoid having to lengthen the cables. Still,I'll get there eventually with a little more foofing around.

Funnily enough,the squished up little Peugeot NS22 is about the most comfortable riding position I've come across, and I didn't have to adjust anyting other than seat and handle bar height.Those French designers really knew what they were doing.


slow rpm said...

Hi there,AB.

Yup,that's my philosophy with most things these days.Whatever works.Life's way too short to stress(too much) about the details.