Thursday, February 9, 2012

wild west ?

It's been almost 40 years since I first visited Fremantle as a 16 year old 'first tripper',on a big old bulk carrier and it really hasn't changed all that much. With a few hours to kill ,I took a ride around town.This photo says it all. The blindingly intense sunlight,the shimmering heat,the Fremantle 'Doctor',the sand and the lovely old limestone buildings.

If I didn't live in Melbourne,this would be my favourite bikey city.Flat,a healthy pragmatism towards helmets and footpath sharing and of course, the perfect coffee.(and hey,the drivers are pretty polite too)


BB said...

Gosh Ian, didn't you notice a difference between pre- and post-America's cup Freo. I did. The grungy, artiness of the place (where anyone could afford to do anything) seemed to be shifted a little to the side for the cafe facelift. Having said that there's still plenty that's arty/alternate about Freo :)

I'm with you on Freo drivers, they are sooo much politer than in the rest of the metro area. I'm probably wrong, but, I think Freo not being such a 'grid' layout as most of Perth helps. I think drivers are less sure of themselves (always good to keep 'em guessing, eh?).

How do you find little pockets like Subi and Leederville or do you not have time to get further afield with your shifts?

slow rpm said...

Hey BB. I do miss being able to look down the side streets and see the funnel of a lovely old Blue Star cargo liner. Containerization has long since put paid to that.Also, whats with the university of Notre Dame?They seem to have taken over every second building?

Still,so long as Bousfields 'Mensland' and Bodkins Bootery keep thier doors open, Freo will always be Freo to me!