Thursday, March 29, 2012

Friday fixative:the purplest fixie

When I look back over the stats(yes, those stats) this post has over %100 more hits than its nearest rival.I know that purple is a very addictive colour and that fixie riders are incredibly obsessed, so it only makes sense.Here it is again,parked outside the vineyard in St Kilda. An easy post  for a few more cheap hits.


ian... said...

this post has over %100 more hits than its nearest rival

Because it's worth Eeeeet :>)

Nice bike!

Trevor said...

And why not.....Purple is my colour!!
Nice to see that great bike again..


BB said...

Nice to see puppy again as well :-)

slow rpm said...

OK all. I promise to chase the owner down for the next time I post about this bike.Shouldn't be too hard as it's parked at the Vinyard almost every day.

BB: stand by for a new page about a doggy box for waffles!



Yung Falbz said...

Wow. Awesome bike!!! *embellish with jazz hands and singy voice*

TonyF said...

In a while, as your tolerance to purple builds up, and you think it just ain't really purple enough anymore, you can add some violet tyres.