Sunday, March 25, 2012

hand in hand

Pretty obvious when you think about. Fishing,the only socially sanctioned form of meditation combined with the calmness that comes with riding a bike. I often see this gentleman on his mixte making his way down to Albert Park beach to dangle a line and ponder life.


anniebikes said...

I'm a fan of the Mixtes. I haven't ridden one, yet, but I like the lines. It's heartening to see how folks use their bikes: for fishing, carrying groceries, hauling children, all the basic life needs.

ian... said...

Ditto. The world needs more Mixte frames!

BB said...

Ian, you're so right about them going hand in hand. I often sling my little telescopic rod and side cast reel on the bike and head towards the river or the sea. The river's only a mile from home, so, it's pretty effortless and I get the bream home fresh as daisies. (Or more often, detour a few hundred yards to console myself on being empty-handed by eating cake at a little cafe)!

Pedalling, with rod and reel on board, towards the river always makes me feel a little 'Wind in the Willows. It's almost as good as, 'Messing about in boats'. :)

slow rpm said...

Dear All,

I think what can be ascertained from this photo is that we need a fishing rod carrier, designed specifically for mixte's!

Paul? Phil?


Vicki said...

I saw a fisherman yesterday with his bike and he had a rod carrying bag which fitted five rods, all of which he was using, he said he carried it between his legs along the bar and resting on the handlebars. It can be done!

slow rpm said...

Hi Vicki.

Now I really am jealous.Surfing,cycling,fishing.Newcastle sounds like the city for me. I was there on a ship a couple of weeks ago and was blow away by the changes since the early 80's.Sadly,couldn't bring a treadly.