Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday fixative~Giant rebuild

The ever changing fleet.
There's only room for so many bikes here at the slow RPM headquarters.The Slow Schlepper has been dismantled and tucked away under the house. School Schlepper has been promoted to shopping duties and this light weight Giant composite has become the latest addition to the fleet.

The mighty Giant was donated by a good friend.Languishing in the back of the garage,dusty and unused ,it had seen some serious miles of weekend training from Santiago up to the Andes and back. We were able to salvage a few of the original components and make up the rest from left overs. How could you not love a well worn Selle Italia 'Rolls' saddle?

For the nerds amongst you, here's the specs.

Frame :Giant carbon fibre composite
Wheelset: Velocity hubs and deep Vees, hand built here at SRPM central.
Bars:Nitto randoneur
Stem:Nitto Long
Bottom bracket:original Shimano octolink
Cranks: Shimano Ultegra
Brakes:original Shimano Ultegra

Frame was painted 'Citroen Black'by Johan Willems at'Spray Ya Bike'


Vicki said...

The orange wheels with the orange tyres look really cool!

BB said...

Seriously trend-day Ian! I still haven't got my lazy, ever-widening rear on a fixie yet. Maybe too many years on a single-speed getting to school. But, it is on the list. I do like the colour choices, orange and black, contemporary yet restrained - nice. Are you going to tape the bars? I like the look without tape, but, would you then have to wear gloves for comfort/grip?

slow rpm said...

Thanks Vicki. This build up was a 16th birthday prez for our daughter,so I can't really take credit for the colour scheme. I was a bit dubious about the black spray but have come to love it.

slow rpm said...

Hey BB.I have temporarily taped the bars with some seriously weathered Brooks leather tape. The bike is still a work in progress. The short handle bar stem has been exchanged for a more comfortable (and slightly goofy looking) long one. I hope to find some orange bar tape this weekend.