Wednesday, May 9, 2012

hold the press

I'll always hold the press for an Airstream sighting.This little piece of happy joy crossed my path at work recently.Like something out of a Norman Rockwell painting,an empty shell all ready for a little TLC.


Trevor said...

A thing of beauty...!!


BB said...

Sigh! Please tell me I'm not the only person to daydream about selling up and living in a 'silver bullet' for life the second I see these things. Mind you, the Retro VW campers have the same effect. The only thing stopping me is I'd have to drive :-)

slow rpm said...

It most certainly is,PT. The solid brass name plate, the hand punched rivets and how about the gorgeous streamlined profile? If you flipped the last image, you have a classic aluminium clinker built boat!



slow rpm said...

No you don't,BB. For a small sum you could have it delivered to the dream location of your choice.This one was completely gutted so I imagined have a fancy pants architect re build the interior for me. All very 'Vogue Living'/'Habitat'.

In the meatime,I'll go online and purchase an Airstream cap!