Tuesday, May 1, 2012

those cycle path blues

The Fitzroy street cycle path is one of the most beautiful in Melbourne.Wide door zones,green landscaping and a smooth surface. Unfortunately, it's a short route from nowhere to nowhere.If you are cycling south then you have to cross the road at the north end, ride 4 blocks and then cross back to the other side.With most cyclists choosing to ignore it,you can hardly blame motorists for using it as a short cut/ parking bay.


BB said...

Soapbox Alert :-) I can blame them, I really can. The misuse of cycle paths by motorists is one of my pet peeves. If we piled our bikes, and pedestrian mothers and pensioners their prams and walking frames, across the lanes of a highway because we didn't happen to see a car wanting to use it at a given moment I'm pretty darn sure the police would get involved! This is just as inconsiderate and impolite. The difference is we don't have the same clout. I don't know about Melbourne, but, in Perth all you can do is report it to the relevant shire. It doesn't rate as a traffic offense with the police (I have checked).

Descending slowly from soapbox and off to make a nice cup of tea :-)

slow rpm said...

It certainly doesn't rate as a traffic offense here in Melbourne with the police, if they're the ones parked in the bike path! Also seen,taxis,pizza delivery guys,a lot of drunk people and the occasional bus.

What I have learned is that name calling only causes a lot of stress and aggravation to both parties.(it's taken me 50 years to learn that!) Best option is to take a quick photo and then put it out there.