Saturday, June 16, 2012

cargo bike corner~milk crates

I was pretty impressed by the ingenuity of this milk crate cargo box. The crate has been sliced in half and the bottom of a second crate used as a lid. And check that fully insulated stubby holder.Don't you just love the practical old milk crate? Perfect dims for the front or the back of a treadlie.
5 stars.


Vicki said...

Is it full of ice? It looks as if it could be an esky on wheels.

Chandra said...

I love a milk crate as a basket. It is practical, and environmentally friendly, especially if repurposing an old one. I have one on my Raleigh 20.

Good find!

Paz :)

anniebikes said...

Milk crates are all the rage here, though they also can be purchased new at the discount stores in lime green and fuchsia, which makes them attractive to anyone. They are also highly visible, a plus.

BB said...

When I finally get an old beater for the train station it's going to have a permanent milk crate. Love the stubbie holder - suddenly very Aussie :-)

slow rpm said...

Hey,Vicki.Spotted like a true Novacastrian!The insulation, the 2 x 6 dimensions,the stubby holder.Pretty obvious when you think about it.(I always was a bit slow off the blocks!)



slow rpm said...

Chandra:crates around here are generally stamped ownership of 'abc milk company'.Unauthorised use of this crate will be prosecuted.Wonder if they would follow that up?

slow rpm said...

Hi Ms Bikes. Purchasing a milk crate just goes against the grain,in my book!

slow rpm said...

BB.How could you not love a stubby holder on a bike.Wonder if it's illegal to drink and ride?

Big protest on the steps of parliament house tomorrow re Ted's lack of cycle infrastructure funding.Post to follow.

(and what's with GR taking over our Age?)I'll never buy it again.