Sunday, July 1, 2012

best of British~Paul Smith

My parents,having migrated from England in the early sixties,always drummed into us that'British was best'.As the years passed,this ideal was gradually surpassed by'Australian is better'.I'm still pretty conflicted about this.Anyway,with the olympic games fast approaching,I figured this would be as  good a time as any for an occasional series on the best of British design.And it doesn't get any better than the Australian flagship store of Sir Paul Smith.PS has long waxed nostalgic of his love of all things velo and it shows here.From the cycle rider embroidered shorts to the Kashimax track saddle,this is the place to come and drool.I was particularly taken by the wooden model cargo ships,$240 and the aforementioned saddle,a steal at $220.
Paul Smith~120 Collins st,Melbourne.


BB said...

Sigh! I might have to resort to stealing to afford the saddle. I'm a sucker for clothes and jewelry with subtle bike symbols. I even have a necktie with bicycles on it. (I should have whispered that!)

Chandra said...

That bike's paint color is brilliant!

Paz :)

slow rpm said...

BB:even the jeans have bicycle motiffs printed on the pockets.The shop is breathtakingly beautiful and it would take a will of iron, or a maxed out credit card to walk out the door empty handed.



slow rpm said...

Chandra: the colour is 'prelude blue'.Powder coated on the cheap and now the rust is starting to bleed through.