Saturday, August 4, 2012

Best of British~Pashley

......just for the velo nerds


Chandra said...

I like the cargo bike. These are some good looking' bike, Ian! I haven't seen a Pashley in real life. May be I go to England, I will.

Peace :)

BB said...

I would love a Pashley. I've hankered after one since seeing them in a magazine when I was about fourteen (yes, well over 30 years ago). I still haven't given up hope. I just need to find the right excuse . . . any suggestions gratefully excepted :-)

slow rpm said...

Not sure about the Guvnor,BB.Looks a bit merchant banky to me. I would go the Gentlemen's cruiser,for sure.


slow rpm said...

There's an awful amount of cheap knock offs,Chandra.Some good and some not so good.