Monday, September 10, 2012

Alternative uses for bike lanes~pt 1

Part 1 in a continuing series for alternative uses for bike lanes in Melbourne. The Fitzroy st bike path is one of the few genuine Copenhagen style bike paths we have in Melbourne. The perfect place for parking the removalist's truck .

I kick myself.Shortly after I took this photo, I watched as a girl cycling to school, waited patiently behind the truck for a steady stream of north bound cyclist to squeeze their way through.


BB said...

Gorgeous! I wish I could say how rare an event this sort of thing is. Unfortunately, I come across many vehicles other than bikes parked on bike paths on an almost daily basis. I have on occasion had a bracing discussion with the odd driver or two. This may have solidified my reputation as a snooty, middle-aged busybody, but, has left me feeling surprisingly energised and upbeat. :-)

Chandra said...

Nice catch!

I haven't many bike lanes in the US and so I haven't seen the auto-parked-in-the-bike-lane-thing here. It plain sucks. If there was an alleyway entrance, perhaps the truck could park there and load/unload?

Peace :)

slow rpm said...

BB:this brings out the worst in me.Full on cranky old man syndrome.One rule I always follow~no name calling ,no language.I try to keep it polite these days.My new mantra is 'don't go looking for trouble'particularly with regards to doors.



slow rpm said...

Hey Chandra.These bike lanes are so under utilized,I can nearly sympathise with the drivers.Once petrol goes through the roof, they better be careful though.