Saturday, September 29, 2012

hello Tokyo

For nearly 35 years, this was my first view of Tokyo.After a 12 day passage across the Pacific, south to north, if the weather was clear, one would be rewarded with a view of Mt Fuji.Mind you, this was a pretty rare occurrence.Mostly,as we entered the Uraga Suido,Fuji San was shrouded in smog.Twenty four hours later, once the containers had been exchanged or the iron ore discharged,we would be on our way. That life is finished now, and  like nearly everyone else, I arrive in Tokyo via Narita and then  the'Friendly' airport bus .
'Hello Tokyo', an occasional series from the cycling capital of the world.


BB said...

Looking forward to it :-)

slow rpm said...

Sensory overload BB. Just have to sort out all of my photographs then I will trickle feed them.