Wednesday, September 26, 2012

reasons to love Freo~part 5

Little Creatures brewery.
I'm not quite sure how the system works.Too drunk to drive?Take a bike? Or are they just for LC's employees?


BB said...

Oh, and they're red. How delicious! Kross bikes do you think or another make? The other day I cycled past Freo Visitors Centre and they have a free bike scheme. Very sensible 'sit-ups' lined up outside. But, I guess it's the age-old Aussie question. Do you have to provide your own helmet? (Mind you I haven't cycled in Freo with a helmet yet and have never been pulled over).

Chandra said...

Is it easy to ride a bike when drunk? I have never tried.
Peace :)

slow rpm said...

BB: and that's reason number 6 to love Freo!

slow rpm said...

Chandra : British comedian Alexi Sayle descibed cycling whilst drunk as the next best thing to flying.I'm too old and sensible these days to find out for myself.~ian