Wednesday, September 5, 2012

tool torque~a little click

It's a sickening feeling.Just as you tighten that crank bolt the last little bit, you suddenly  feel it'give'.And there goes the thread, a lot of hard work and expense.
I've recently become a big fan of torque wrenches. I suspect it's because they appeal to my sense of orderliness. Just dial in the required torque and apply steady rotational pressure until you feel  a little click. Perfect for achieving equal torque for 5 chain ring bolts, the aforementioned crank bolt or perhaps the bolt of a shiny Nitto stem..

Note:most bicycle part manufacturers will advise the correct torque for their products. Alternatively, try Park Tools web site or Leonard Zinn's 'Zinn and the art of road mountain bike maintenance'for a comprehensive table.

(and that sinister looking beak shaped tool at the bottom of the frame?It's my grandfather's antique nail puller. Must be over a hundred years old and you can rip out almost any rusty old nail with that thing.And if it won't budge? It just rips the head right off.)


Trevor said...

There is something rather nice about a quality tool....I think a torque wrench is an absolute must for the keen really do need one if you have a carbon bike..!!


Chandra said...

I have considered getting one in the past. Now, I am really tempted. May be I will get the Park Tool torque wrench.

Peace :)

slow rpm said...

I'm with you,PT. Too many tools are never enough,in my book!


slow rpm said...

Hey Chandra. The smaller one is only good up to around 12 NM. The big one goes all the way up to 60 NM.You would need this for crank bolts,etc.