Saturday, September 15, 2012

tucker~blinged out oats

With summer just around the corner and me being well and truly sick of that commercial muesli they sell at the 'big two',it seemed like a good time to create a new version.This recipe is dead easy and  evolves continuously, based on whatever you happen to have in the pantry.(I'm spoiled rotten as my local market stocks all of these ingredients, saving me have to do the run-around)

The base           

rolled oats x 1.5 cups                   
organic all bran x 1/2 cup.

The rest is up to you. Here's my current line up.

sultanas x 1/3 cup
currants x 1/4 cup
sunflower seeds x 1/4 cup
pimentos x 1/4 cup
oat bran x 1/3 cup
wheat germ x 1/3 cup
dried cranberries x 1/4 cup
dried mulberries x 1/4 cup (I've only just discovered these.They taste like natural honeycomb)
dried mango squares x 1/4 cup
goji berries x 1/4 cup
sugar nil!

Serve up with soy milk, a good dollop of natural yoghurt and perhaps some blue berries.

The best feature of this muesli, is that, unlike commercial brands, it contains no added sugar.It's also loaded with super-duper foods and tastes pretty darned scrumptious.


John Romeo Alpha said...

That looks like a bowl full of deliciousness, I'll have to give some combination(s) a try!

Trevor said...

That does look pretty darned good....I shall try it out..!


slow rpm said...

Hey JRA: the best part is that it's not a recipe. No need to write it down,just make it up as you go.In Australia we would call it a 'Clayton's recipe'.The recipe you have when you're not having a recipe. (Don't worry, it's from a long defunct advertising campain for a non alcoholic beverage! )



slow rpm said...

G'day Trevor.

Perfect to pack in the pannier for one of those long distance rides.