Tuesday, October 30, 2012

a fast and simple schlepper



David J said...

A bit too trendy for my taste... I bet there's plenty of folk who'd get excited about this one though.

slow rpm said...

G'day David J.

I must admit that the gold cranks and chain were guilding the lilly!


BB said...

Looks fantastic, Ian. I like the position of your brake levers (which I hadn't noticed in the previous post). I would imagine it feels very stable and in control whilst braking. My single speed has the levers in the narrow space at the top of the bar either side of the stem which really doesn't give anything like the control I would like!

David J said...

Guilding the Lilly! Ha! Nice one!

slow rpm said...

BB: the levers are Tectro inverse and come from Velo Orange. I have them on 4 of my bikes as they are super comfy and quite elegant to boot.

David J: this bike is of no practical use at all other than cycling for the pure ,simple joy of it.

Chandra said...

Lovely head badge!
Peace :)

slow rpm said...

Thanks,Chandra. I particularly like the'Frenchness'of the Peugeot graphics as well.