Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Perfect for the 3/4 life crisis

 from this.........
 to this.........
to this.
I may as well face it,I have now passed well beyond the age for a mid life crisis.With the Slow Schlepper lying redundantly beneath the house and me in need of a mid winter's project,this is what I ended up with.A perfect fixie, built just for beyond the mid life crsis.(see chain wheel/sprocket ratios below)

For the velo nerds amongst you.

frame           Peugeot UE 10
front hub       original Normandy 36h
rear hub        Velocity 36h
rims            H + Son 'Archtypes'
valve cap       silver anodized from Tokyu Hands
Tyres           Grand Bois'cerf' from Commuter Cycles
spokes          Phil Wood double butted
bottom bracket  Phil Wood and co
cranks          Sugino
pedals          MKS Grip Kings
chain wheel     Sugino Messenger 42t
chain           Izumi
sprocket        Phil Wood 20t
brakes          Mafac
lever           Tectro inverse
stem            Nitto Dynamic
saddle/bar tape Charge
paint           Power Plus'gun metal' over 'Citroen'black polka dots

And that's about it.I used 10 cans of paint,practicing my spray painting technique and experimenting with colour combos, however 4 would have done the trick. 1 primer,1 under coat,1 top coat and 1 clear coat.I kept the original 35 year old front hub as it has a super light aluminium body and besides,I loved them. The rims,made in the PRCC, are new to me.A very high quality finish and super easy on the eyes.They came from the blokes behind the counter at the always helpful Commuter Cyles in Brunswick.


BB said...

Whoa!! Don't know if it's the camera angle Ian, but, those are some serious 'bison' bars!! If that Charge tape is the same as I had on the Surly, it lasts forever. The overhaul looks totally suitable for a chap over his pubescent pimples (more classy than 'in your face'). I'm sure you're in for heaps of fun with the latest reincarnation (pics of it out and about, please). :-)

Chandra said...

I like the transformations.
Peace :)

slow rpm said...

Hey,BB.It's not the camera angle.I've already chopped 2" off those Bison bars.They are made by Soma.Very long and very wide and very practical.'Racing/noodle' bars just don't do it for me.



slow rpm said...

Many thanks,Chandra.Almost as satisfying as restoring an old bike,is taking it for that first spin. I would definitely recommend building your own wheels(if you don't already).It bumps up the satisfaction level just that little bit more.



anniebikes said...

It's sporty and clean. Love the brown bar tape and seat color combination. Gum-wall tires seem to be making a comeback in recent years. My Miyata originally came with them. Unfortunately, our local shops don't seem to carry them, but at least I know they are out there...

I like the three picture comparison of your renditions. It's always interesting to document changes.

slow rpm said...

Thanks for your comment, Ms Bikes. The gum walls are Grand Bois 'cerfs'. BTW.I used to own a beautiful sky blue Miyata. I'm embarrassed to say,I purchased it from a wharfie (longshoreman).He swore that it didn't fall off the back of a ship.Only that it was hanging upsdide down in his garage and never used.

Wish I still had it!



David J said...

Oh wow.... I read a later post first.. If that makes sense! I thought the photos of the Peugeot were just some bike porn of the internet! You built this bike. A lot of work has gone into that, nice paint! Well done! Now I think it's special.