Wednesday, October 3, 2012

thoughts from an amateur spray painter

This is not a 'how to' as I didn't have a clue what I was doing when I started out on this project.There's a swag of good sites out there, and I just found one that spoke to me.I've had two frames powder coated by different workshops over the years,and in both cases,the rust began to bleed through within  12 months.Perhaps,by doing it myself, it will last a little longer? The plan is for  black polka dots over gunmetal grey.Hope I am not being too ambitious.Here's a few thoughts.

:Practice on the forks,first,Fred.

:Brush the frame back to bare ,shiny metal,then have a close look      at it with a magnifying glass and brush it some more.(I used my dad's old Bosch drill on slow speed with a brass brush attachment.)

:Don't spray on a windy day.

:Tape over all threads, openings etc

:Follow the instructions on the can and watch out for'runs'

:Make sure that your thinners,primer,paint and clear coat are all compatible.

:Use the finest wet and dry paper available.

Here goes.

 All stripped back
 This is the black polka dot coat
 Polka dots applied and ready to paint
Finished frame,gun metal grey with black polka dots. I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself at this stage as the whole thing looks quite spiffy.Future updates soon.


Sinbad and I on the Loose said...

I did the very same thing with a bike ending up black with white polka dots. If I remember correctly I had a couple different sizes of dots going, or that could have been a different project. At any rate, the bike came out great. I even did one with zebra stripes - black and white. Will be looking forward to the updates.

BB said...

Nice job. Looking forward to the final build

Chandra said...

The paint job on the gunmetal frame with black polka dots is very nice. Congrats!
Peace :)

slow rpm said...

G'day John Lee; Thanks for the encouraging words.I have to admit,I recently had a frame professionaly spray painted and I really can't tell the difference.I suspect spray painting is a little like a lot of things.The experts don't want you to know the secret in case you are doing them out of a job?



slow rpm said...

Thanks,BB. My biggest headache at the moment is figuring out how to reattach the Peugeot head badge.Rivets are too big and screws are too small.May have to resort to araldite?


slow rpm said...

Hey Chandra. You won't want to look too closely at the polka dots!