Sunday, November 11, 2012


Whichever way you look at it,wear one of these and you're going to be looking like quite the schneddly.There's only one rule concerning the wearing of trouser clips.Take em off as soon as you arrive at your destination.
Brooks. Just as you would expect. Expensive,elegant and just a little pretentious. The Brooks trouser clip has an auto fold mechanism,similar to one of those bendy rulers, and comes in a range of colours to match your bespoke handle bars and saddle. I'm going to deduct a star for the fact that it's made in China. 4 stars.
Ron D Swan Leg Strap.Straight out of Australia and just what you would expect from the land down under. Constructed from recycled products,a little rough around the edges and as rugged as a Malvern Star. The fact that it's made in Australia is worth an automatic 5 stars from me.
'Sou Sou' by Le Coq Sportif(no,I'm not joking). Ruby bought this one in Japan. Quite narrow and with a discreet retro reflective band.I particularly like the fact that it is elasticised as well as velcro-ised. 4 1/2 stars.
Riva 'grab-n-go' clothes peg from Woolworth's. Cost is 2.5 cents and a simply elegant solution to keeping the grease from your fancy new pants.And if you lose it, there's 49 more in the bag or on the line.
Of course,you could just purchase a bike with one of these,then you wouldn't have to worry.

Note about the footwear:After Blunnies these are my favourite cycling shoes.  They are 'Grass Hoppers' from Sioux. I purchased them in 1982 when I visited my grandmother in Barbados. Still going strong and nearly perfect for cycling due to their compact laces and big flat soles.


anniebikes said...

How about the wooden variety of clothesline clips? They'd be more classy...

Thanks for the tongue-in-cheek review.

BB said...

You missed my favourite:-) The short okky strap wrapped twice around the leg with the ends hooked together on the outside. The added bonus is that if you buy more at the shops than fits in your panniers you can always stuff your pants leg in your sock and use the okky for strapping on extra cargo.

bikelovejones said...

Leg strips, aka clobber clips -- I LOVE these things and have way too many for a gal with only two legs. Before I stopped working in the bike industry earlier this fall, I used to make it a point to carry a couple extra with me in case I saw someone about to lose a clean pantleg in a greasy chain.

Most recent acquisition is a pair made in the USA by a business that employs blind men and women and pays them minimum wage to assemble all sorts of odds and ends for resale. They are very plain and VERY bright-white when reflected in automobile headlights. I'm also a fan of the felt-backed strips sold under the brand Nathan and made in the USA.

Every now and then I get freebies, souvenirs of this or that bike event. Want a few? Email me with a postal address and I'll drop them down to you. Happy riding --beth

slow rpm said...

You might be on to something,Ms Bikes. Perhaps you could carve your name and'handcrafted in the USA' and then upsell it for $10 a pop as the original 'Annie Bikes'pant protector.

I'm not expecting a medal for this suggestion mind you,just some points on the profit!

slow rpm said...

ah BB. An occer strap? You're a better woman than me. Sounds like pure torture.


slow rpm said...

Sounds like a deal BLJ. I'll contact you via the blog and swap you a genuine R D Swan.