Thursday, January 5, 2012

Slow rpm top 3 products for 2011

Taking a leaf(post?) from the inimitable BLJ's blog,I'm going to nominate my top three treadlie products for 2011

number 3:Charge 'Spoon'
Proof that good things don't have to cost a bomb, I'm going to give this 4 stars. One of the most comfortable(and cheapest) saddles I've owned, and being a half hearted vegetarian, I couldn't resist the faux leather finish.Although they sell a matching bar tape,I prefer the feel of'Steel Wool' faux tape.(let me know if you find some)

number 2 :Park Tools spoke tensionometer
 Being totally deaf in one ear and tone deaf in the other,this beautiful blue gizmo from the engineers at Park Tool Co,allows me to bring all the spokes to equal tension before the serious business of truing the wheel begins.I'm only an amateur wheel builder and this has given me the confidence to keep going.

number 1:'Gamoh' luggage carrier
Google'Gamoh' and it's pretty much impossible to find anything about the mysterious and wonderful Gamoh corporation.I love this product so much I  have just purchased a second for the fast schlepper. Teamed here with this beautiful blue skater carry-all from Vans. I can no longer imagine riding a bike without some sort of cargo carrying capacity.5 stars

Well,that's my top three. There's a ton of other good stuff in the shed but these are the ones that did it for me.Well designed,elegant,useful,comfy,durable.