Thursday, February 2, 2012

saddle up,Silver

It seemed only right that an old French bike should have a French saddle. This one,from Gilles Berthoud is a masterpiece of Gallic engineering design. My only complaint is that it looks a little synthetic from the rear end.
 Tension can be adjusted with a simple allen key at the front end.Rails are chro-mo and that circular gizmo is for rail tension adjustment.
Rather than punched in rivets,a la Brooks,the GB has these screwed in fasteners. The front one is stamped with date of manufacture and serial number.

Its still as hard as rock so I'll report back on comfort levels in 6 months time.
Of course,I could just have used this one.38 years old, still going strong, and in the words of one blogger,feels like a comfy old lounge chair.For the time being it's staying on the Handy Dandy Travel Schlepper.