Tuesday, March 6, 2012


There was a time,when an Australian visiting an American city for the first time, could be overwhelmed by the exoticness of it all.Cars with names like Buick,Futura,Impala and Chevrolet.Trucks built by a bloke called Peter and a tank of 'gas' measured in 'gallons'.Now,with the dreaded creep of'globalization',every city is pretty much alike.Gap, Crispy Creme,Jeep and Freightliner can be  found in any city in the world these days.

So when I cycled past this lovely old Airstream caravan the other day,my heart skipped a little beat.The shiny stainless steel curves all held together by good old fashioned rivets punched in by good old American hands.I could imagine myself retiring in one of these things.Parked behind the beach somewhere,with a rusty old bike and a couple of surfboards underneath.Must have a chat with my co-pilot one of these days.