Tuesday, March 13, 2012

bullitt review

It's been over a year now since I excitedly opened the box and put my Bullitt together. I can no longer imagine life without some sort of cargo bike.They pretty much cover all bases.School drop off,frequent trips to the tip,shopping,dog to the doggy beach and mobile office if need be.

With my budget stretched to the limit,I had opted for the cheapest set up.I should have waited until I had some more shekels.The internal 7 speed rear hub was  a continual source of annoyance.Constant grinding noises and ticking followed by a near total failure of the changing mechanism. I finally admitted defeat and built up a new rear wheel around a Shimano Nexus 8 speed. The Nexus is about as good as they come. Elegantly simple,quiet,easy to switch gears and wheel removal is a breeze.5 stars to those Shimano engineers plus another 5 to me for building the wheel myself.

There's a swag of cargo bikes out there,all worth a look at.The Bullitt is exactly what it says.A fast cargo bike.If you want to carry a couple of small children arouund,then I would recommend this or this. The Bullitt is OK for one but cramped for two.It is,however, perfect for carrying big loads. The blurb says load capacity is 180kg (including the rider) The heaviest load I've tried so far is 3 x 20kg bags of ready mix plus Wilson at 40kg.I must admit,it did feel heavy.Really heavy.And I did wonder at the strength of the frame.But that's just me,the original nervous nelly.

I've seen three Bullitts around here in the last few days . I won't be selling mine anytime soon.