Wednesday, April 4, 2012

a hot potato

Cranky pants alert!

For 4 months of the year, my weekly ride to the market takes me past here,the Melbourne F1 circuit.The construction crews move in around January  when work starts on the makeshift F1 village. Two months later, when the race is done,deconstruction commences and wraps up around late April.

It's an issue that has gone beyond contentious.The race generally loses around 60 million dollars, which is made up by the state government. Coincidentally, the owner of the FI name recieves 50 million in licencing fees, and then goes on to play mind games by threatening to give the race to a more deserving city!

The race circuits Albert Park Lake, a man made pond, just to the south of the city.The park was built as an escape for the people who lived in the inner city suburbs and didn't have the luxury of  big back yards,although I have to admit, the average Joe can no longer afford to live there. Still, it's noisy, pointless and worst of all, boring. I wish it would just go away.(to a more deserving city,perhaps?)