Wednesday, June 20, 2012

clobber~cycle specific jeans

To be honest with you,I'm not really one for 'cycle specific' clothing , however these ones just lept off the shelf.Disclaimer: money changed hands for this review.My money,which flew across the counter in the general direction of the cash register.

Cadence USA
I wasn't really looking for clothes when I purchased these Cadence cycling jeans.I was wandering around Shifter bikes,ogling the sleek Italian frames,when I spied a lady out back selling jeans and T shirts from a pop up space. What immediately caught my eye was the price,$90, and the fact that they were made in San Francisco. I'm a sucker for anything made in America, so out the door we went. Once home,I did have a serious case of buyer's remorse, specifically based on the size. They're a 34,which is my normal size, but there's room in the waist to tuck in a singlet,T shirt plus flannelet shirt and still need a belt. I realize they're cycle specific, but they're insanely short.Absolutely no chance of getting chain grease on these puppies. There's a double gusset in back which looks creepily like a miniature pair of shorts over the top of the jeans. I was particularly taken by the retro reflective Cadence tag on the rear of the waist, however as this a covered up by the aforementioned belt,it doesn't get to do much reflecting.Still,I love these strange and eccentric pants,if only for the beautiful, raw untreated dark blue 'cone' denim and I'm going to give them 4 stars.
Weird rear end gusset with retro reflective tag
4 stars

Levi's Commuters
I noticed these Levis'commuters' in a shop window in Barclay Street on my way home from School drop off.Confession.I'm a long time wearer of Levi's  as the fit is perfect for my long and gangly frame.These are not so much jeans as 'slacks' and I do like a nice pair of 'slacks' teamed with a'sports jacket'.There's a handy dandy loop for carrying a U lock and also some retro reflective tape on the lower inseam for when the cuffs are rolled up.The detailing is stunning. Just check the groovy coloured pockets and the multi coloured stitching of the belt loops.All very Paul Smith. At my age, skinny jeans can look pretty tragic and the cut of these is just enough off'skinny' to make them age appropriate. So not only are they cycle specific,but age specific as well.I also loved the fact that they come in a range of fabulous colours.In a nod to the mid life crisis, they are cut quite high in the waist. They are made of some kind of stretchy cotton and have a gusset in the crotch. Minus half a star for the fact that Levi's no longer produce any product here in Australia.These ones were made in Cambodia.I hope they treat their workers well.4 1/2 stars.
reflective tape on the inseam.
Look out Sir Paul Smith.
4 1/2 stars

What both of these pants have in common is a gusset at the rear ,designed to cope with the wear and tear of cycling.To be honest with you,I've been riding around on bikes for the last 45 years and have never noticed that my pants wore out from saddle friction.I'm pretty obsessive about my jeans.It generally takes around 10 years for me to wear them in and then I get a couple of more good years out of them.Hope these (and I)go the distance.