Wednesday, June 27, 2012

hell of the north~Roobaix 12

Well,the old odometer has completed another circuit and the  Melburn Roobaix has been and gone for another year.A forty K ride, east to west, across  inner north suburban Melbourne, including 12 sections of blue stone laneways,each rated by a number of stars.
*        pretty painless
**       saddle tickler
***      rim buckler
****     spoke breaker
*****    frame snapper
Mr Andy White (in welly boots and orange beanie)impresario and founder of the world famous Melburn Roobaix.
Rule no 1.Don't follow the crowd,follow the map.Alternatively,tag along with a couple of locals.

A man in a blue condom.Bikes provided free of charge by Melbourne bike share.
Typical Melbourne bluestone laneway.Bumpy, muddy and a little bit steep.

A bloke on a Bullitt at BMC bon bon.
(photos 2~6 courtesy of photographer D Obrien,)