Tuesday, August 7, 2012

made here~Busyman Bicycles

With the recent news  of yet another Australian car components manufacturer going out of business and laying off a couple of hundred workers, and in view of the rapid decline in sales of the Falcon (Ford) and Commodore(Holden/GM) ,I thought this would be good time to continue my series on quality ,Australian made stuff. I see manufacturing in this country going either of 2 ways. Goods such as these which can be CNC'd with little or no human intervention or,beautiful handcrafted objets made for those who don't mind spending a few extra bobs on something wonderful.

Mick Peel,operates under the banner of Busyman Bicycles from his house in inner suburban Melbourne. He takes a tired, worn out saddle and creates a thing of beauty.Truth be told, I almost threw this into the wheely bin. I'm glad he talked me out of it. Not only is it the most comfortable saddle I've ever owned, it's now a coveted work of art. No quick release on this little lion.