Thursday, August 23, 2012

best of British,part 3 ~ Brooks

You've got to hand it to Selle Royal. They bought a broke, English saddle manufacturer,and with some very clever back spin created a thriving, profitable business.There's the Brooks Bugle with it's images of crusty old gentlemen hammering away at copper rivets,there's the range of tweedy, cycle specific clothing and various other leather accoutrement's

Of course none of this would be possible without those beautiful handy crafted saddles. I own two. A 'Champion Flyer' and the classic double rail B66. I must admit to feeling pretty conflicted about this review. They say it takes about 3 months to wear a Brooks saddle in. I would say more like 12. Even now,I still get saddle sores if I use them for more than a week or two. The reality is, I purchased them for their looks. A Brooks saddle is guaranteed to give any old treadlie a touch of class.
It's taken 12 months,but this B66 on the Bullitt is just about worn in.