Saturday, September 1, 2012

old water pipe

With the Slow Schlepper languishing beneath the house and me in need of a project,I set to work with the wire brush.I had previously taken the frame to a bike shop to have some braze-ons removed. The mechanic, taking a look at the old and cracked paint,described my frame as a bunch of old water pipe and intimated it was not worth the effort. He made a pretty good point. Still,those old Peugeot bike builders had put a lot of thought and toil(and love?)into my old 10 speed, and with the paint all gone and the frame  shiny and buffed,I reckon it's worth the effort. The plan is for a light weight single speed, but first I have to practice my spay painting skills.I've had a couple of frames powder coated over the years, but within six months the rust has started to bleed through. No, this one's going to get the rattle can treatment.