Friday, September 21, 2012

The treatment

Sooner or later,all of the bikes in the slow RPM household get 'the treatment'(Melbourne being in the same league as Amsterdam in terms of flatness)The cranks are cut off,the bottom bracket is removed and replaced by a silky smooth'Phil' cartridge.Sugino cranks are installed,fitted with some super practical MKS'grip kings'. Out goes the derailleur gears and freewheel cluster and in comes the White industries free wheel linked to a Fyxo chain ring.Into the wheely bin with the old saddle, in it's place a nice new Brooks or alternatively a Charge faux leather'Spoon'.

My latest bike to get the slow make over is my NS22 traveller. I did feel a tad guilty removing the classy Nouveau style mudguards, racks and chain guard but the weight was killing me.
Thought I was dreaming.The left hand side of the BB shell is English threaded,the right, French. I've had this Velo Orange threadless bottom bracket in the spare parts bucket for the last 2 years.Perfect.
Fyxo chain ring, Sugino cranks and a 1/8" chain,oh joy.