Tuesday, October 16, 2012

my R2W

Residents of Melbourne's southern bayside suburbs are spoiled rotten when it comes to cycle paths.I can cycle from home to work almost completely off road.I try not to gloat.

Aye aye Captain!Past the Polly Woodside I sail.
Docklands.Dame Edna claims she wouldn't live here in a fit.Oh,that misguided old coote.
See that orange ship in the distance?If you look carefully at the right hand side,you can see the ramp still coming down,which means I'll make it on time.Avast heaving,me hearties!
Only 5 minutes to go.The cars whizzing past, just meters away,miss all of this.Ducks in the winter,egrets in the summer.

Hope you all have a lovely ride to work too.