Saturday, December 8, 2012

Australian Custom Bicycle Show

I'm really glad I made it to the ACBS last weekend in South Melbourne.Yet another event organised by the indefatigable Mr Andy White,impresario and owner of the Fyxomatosis empire.When I attend events like this, my heart skips a little beat,secure in the knowledge that there's still a few Australians out there with the passion,skills and know how to produce two wheeled things of beauty.Not to mention the chutzpah to bring them to market.

The highlight for me was meeting Darrell Llewellyn McCulloch of Llewellyn Custom Bicycles.This beautiful campeur was my favourite. The attention to detail was mind boggling,from the stem top chronometer to the lighting wires hidden inside the forks and front rack frame.
Deep down,I know I couldn't own a bike like this.A single scratch would break my heart.
Kenevans:Another jewel from the north .
Patebury :fine leather velo accoutrement's

A loaf to go.