Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy schlepping

Lately I've been thinking about the title of my blog.Slow and RPM don't really belong together, and low RPM really only applies to slow speed marine diesels.Although it made sense to me,it probably made little sense to anyone else.

 I've always loved that old Yiddish expression,to

'to carry clumsily or with difficulty,to lug.'

Yup,that's definitely me. The slow schlepper.Now,if I can just figure out a simple transition, that'll be the new name of my blog.

Happy new year,me hearties.(and may your schlepping be slow and easy)




Trevor Woodford said...

Happy New Year to you too...Enjoy the schlepping!!! Look forward to seeing what you change the blog name to...


the Slow Schlepper said...

Happy new year to you too, PT. Hope you are starting to thaw out by now? Name changing a blog is quite problematic in terms of readership stats. It's as good as a fresh start but I did think my blog was becoming a little stale.