Saturday, January 26, 2013

the K9 Schlepper

Let's face it,a dog needs a bike.This one comes complete with a luxury box, a ball chucker in front, plus a chauffeur.


anniebikes said...

Nice idea, pamper the pets! Now I need a contraption to haul our gerbils, guinea pig, and rabbit...Ha!

m e l i g r o s a said...

so cute! that blue peugeot is super cute too :)

the Slow Schlepper said...

Annie B : sounds like you might need some kind of velo-ark.A Bullitt sounds just the ticket.

I'm incredibly biased,MG,but Cairns are pretty cute. I must confess,I sometimes feel as though she's being used as an accessory! Dogs~great way to meet people.

Chandra said...

I am reminded of a planter box that my neighbor gave me. But the one you have is classier. And, I like the way you carry your ball-throwing widget for the pooch.
Well done!
Peace :)