Saturday, January 19, 2013


San ban
Spring thing from Velo Orange comes in at number 3. If, like me,you stress about things like 'fender line',then the spring thing is just the ticket for you.This little gizmo allows you to adjust the front end of your mudguard to match the curve of your wheel with the added advantage of making wheel removal a cinch.

Ni ban

Torque wrenches.One of those classic items~you think,what would I bother with one of those for? and then, once you've got one,you  wonder how you ever lived without it.These ones come from Park Tools and I love em. But be warned.Torque the wheel bolts up at home with the wrench and you may struggle to get them off on the road with an itsy bitsy allen key.
Ichi ban

No doubt about it.The Shimano dyno hub is ichi ban.They've been around forever,I know, but more than any other product this year,this is the one that has improved my cycling life. I can now cycle home from work at 3 in the morning and actually see where I am going.5 shiny golden stars from me.