Friday, January 17, 2014

hey ho,let's go

Lately,I've been agonizing about the number of treadlies hanging around the slow schlep household. The reality is,I could replace three of them with the Bullitt. The Brompton isn't one of them.

There's already enough blogs out there about all things Brompton,so I won't add another.I can't imagine travelling anywhere these days,without the little bike in a case.Brompton plus  case plus work clobber and some tools just come in at under 20kg.Everything else I carry on.

Hey ho,let's go.There really is no better feeling.Check in at the hotel,unpack, go for a ride.


anniebikes said...

I love the last photo. You're a guy on the move! And, what a cute little bike.

I've been deliberating over whether I should buy an inexpensive folder for a two week trip this summer with the family. We're planning on camping, renting a car, and I could easily justify tagging a bike along for a little escape for an hour each day.

Does your bike fly free?

the Slow Schlepper said...

Hello Annie B.

For a very good reason,the Brompton is quite expensive.It has the most compact fold of all the folders out there. It's super easy to carry, and as it's a right hand fold,the chain is safely tucked away inside.I find the ride a little twitchy and wouldn't want it for my everyday bike. If you are not too concerned about the folded size,then there's a lot of cheaper and better alternatives.Check out the Tern.

So long as I keep the weight below 20kg, then the bike flies free. There's enough left over room in the case for my work boots and clothes.


Ian ,in Melbourne where the temp is approaching 45c (oh joy)

m e l i g r o s a said...

that is such a cool case for it too. I second Annie, very cool photos =)