Sunday, April 6, 2014

art tram series~6 down 2 to go

I spotted this art tram in Swanston street last week.It's by Freya Pitt and is one of my favourites.I'll let her describe her work.

"A loose, personal mapping of Melbourne, Going Somewhere combines sketches drawn while on trams with streetscapes from around the city. The time in between things - on the way to somewhere and from something - has become an important space in my life where I can just think and sketch.

Sitting on a tram, with streetscapes rumbling past and a constant flux as people get on and off, one glimpses a multitude of narratives being lived around you. In Going Somewhere I set out to explore the sense of possibilities and unknown eventualities held within this communal space" - Freya Pitt


Hans Sjöberg said...

I have been reeding your blog some months, especially about your NS.
I got one and I really like it.
Do you know were to find new/original brake pads?
Front and rear.

the Slow Schlepper said...

Hans,try Harris cyclery in the US. They sell replica MAFAC brake pads.



Hans Sjöberg said...

Tanks Ian!