Dry bottoms~DIY seat covers

DIY seat cover

I'm even more of an amateur sewing machinist than I am a bike mechanic so here goes. You'll need some water proof material.I had some leftover kite nylon. Perfect. Measure your saddle,add say,20mm all around,for the hem etc. Mark it on the material with a pen.I used a cookie tin and egg cup for the curves. Cut it out as per the purple piece. Cut out the skirt. That's the black section.Say 1000mm x 240mm.

seat top

skirt 1000mm x 240. The draw string goes through here.
I allowed 20mm for the end seam. Put a seam in only one end at this stage.

Carefully sew the seat top to the skirt .This is the fiddly part of the operation.You are sewing it inside out. Sewing around a sharp corner on your mother's old Bernina is a tricky thing to do.It will get bunched but don't worry.

Leave a lot of spare length. Stop sewing about 3/4 of the way around, trim the skirt to the correct length and then turn up the seam. Now complete sewing the remaining length of skirt to the seat top.Put a zig zag around the edge to prevent it fraying.

Feed the draw string through the skirt and also through a spring loaded fastener type thingy. Burn the string ends to prevent fraying.

Presto and dry happy bottoms!