Nerd Corner~dog box

I designed this cargo box for an over stuffed green shopper, or ,alternatively, an over stuffed little doggy.It was constructed from 10mm external weather proof ply and I had it cut by my local timber merchant. They charge $2 per cut but it's money well spent as I just don't have the equipment to do it in the driveway workshop. All you have to do is glue,drill and nail it all together.I used Selley's external 'aquadhere' .

base = 400mm x 310mm x 10mm
sides = 400mm x 200mm x 10mm
ends = 290mm x 200mm x 10mm

These are pretty much all the tools you will need. There's a lot of drilling,cutting ,hacking and sawing involved, so the more files you have,the merrier.I also used a miter bit on my drill which made things a little easier.
Once you have marked out your design, you can start drilling.Ply splinters really easily so I started off with tiny little holes and then graduated to a larger bore. Dad's old Makita key hole saw really doesn't like sharp corners so I filed these out by hand.
Viewed from below,it looks like this.Due to the sensitive nature of the cargo,I secure the box to the rear rack using a couple of aluminium straps and 4 bolts with wing nuts.
Finish is a semi gloss marine grade varnish:Please note.Varnish is a boat owner's lament.If you keep your bike out in the sun,then the varnish will need to be sanded and re applied annually.
Hey ho,off we go.