The Slow Schlepper fleet

                  Not-quite-so-slow Schlepper

1973 Mercier. Extensively rebuilt from new and used parts. 

saddle : Gilles Berthoud
hubs : Phil Wood
rims : H+Son
grips: Velo Orange
bars : Nitto Left Bank
stem : Nitto Technomic
brakes : Mafac 'Racer'
brake levers : Shimano
pedals : MKS 'Grip Kings' for King size feets
bottom bracket : Phil Wood cartridge
cranks : Sugino 75
chain wheel : Fyxomatosis 42t
free wheel : White Industries 19t
chain : Izumi

  The original Slow Schlepper
Early 70s Peugeot UE-18. Reduced from 10 speed down to a single by exchanging the original double chain wheel with a single 42t Fyxo wheel and the rear 5 cog freewheel with a single 20t White Industries wheel .Mostly  of the original components swapped for

saddle : original Peugeot mattress saddle recovered by Busyman Bicycles
hubs:Phil Wood
rims:Mavic A79
bar tape:Brooks,Honey
bars : Nitto 'Left Bank'
Stem : Nitto Technomic
brake levers:Tectro inverse
pedals:MKS 'Gripkings'
bottom bracket:original French threaded cups w/ Italian 70mm square taper spindle
mud guards:Velo Orange S/S 
rear basket:Topeak + home made cargo box
front carrier:Gamoh

Beach Schlepper

$300 beach cruiser from Electra.

Bullitt (super schlepper)

Fast cargo bike by Larry V Harry (Copenhagen via Taiwan)

saddle: Brooks
brakes:front Shimano hydraulic disc
           rear Shimano coaster
pedals: MKS 'gripkings'
cranks:Sram Truvativ
gears :Shimano 8 speed nexus internal hub with coaster brake
                                         travel Schlepper

Brompton S1E.


Anonymous said...

Hello. Nice bicycles, sir. I am from Spain and I'm trying to restore a very small road bicycle with 22" (550A) wheels. So, seeing your handy dandy Schlepper, I wonder... where did you buy both tires and inner tubes?

Thank you in advance for the info.

slow rpm said...


Schwalbe still make 22" tyres.They are nearly 550A and with a little bit of effort you can lever them on OK.Just ask your local bike shop to order them in for you.