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Mafac therapy

Mafac 'Racer's' were fairly standard on most low end French bikes in the 70s and early 80s. They were pretty much indestructible. After 35 years or so, they might start to get a little sticky. A quick squirt of WD40 will make them look nice but won't really get into the moving parts. Set aside a couple of hours on a lazy afternoon and don't forget, 'righty tighty~lefty loosey'!

ring spanners 9mm (2 ea) 10mm and 12mm
wire cutters

Grease (Pedro's is good)
rust cleaner (I use 'clean-a-hull' boat wash)

Remove from bike.You may need to deflate the tyres to get them off.Alternatively, just slack off the brake pads.

Undo everything, using the ring end of the spanner to avoid damage to the hexagonals. Wash the parts in metal bright and rinse in fresh water straight away.When dry, add just a whiff of grease on the moving parts and threads.Too much will just attract unsightly scuzz.Be careful with the plastic parts as these will have become quite brittle with age.

While you're at it, now is a good time to replace all of the cables and brake pads. I'm currently using 'Cool Stop' pads from Harris cyclery. Why not add some bling? Blue anodised cable ends from Abbotsford Cycles,Richmond.Now just bolt them back on the bike,adjust the pads and you're laughing.